FAA Remote Pilot Training to Operate UAS
(Unmanned Aircraft Systems) Commercially

An unmanned aircraft system (UAS), sometimes called a drone, is an aircraft without a human pilot onboard – instead, the UAS is controlled from an operator on the ground.

Become a FAA certified Remote Pilot to operate UAS commercially with industry leader, Paul Hamilton at Sport Aviation Center LLC. No college degree or prior experience is required.

Sport Aviation Center has numerous FAA Certified Flight Instructors (CFI), excellent flying weather year round flight training and ground school all in one location to make it easy for you to become a FAA Remote Pilot certification. This allows you to operate a unmanned aircraft system for commercial purposes.

If you want to fly a drone or UAS to perform commercial operations legally, this is the place to find all information and training resources in one central location.

Different Types of UAS Operations

Fly a UAS for Work or Business

Any commercial operation (flying drones for money) such as photography, filming, aerial surveys, etc., is considered a flying a UAS for work or business and requires an operator with an FAA Remote Pilot certification.

Fly a UAS for Fun

You don’t need permission from the FAA to fly your UAS (aka drone) for fun or recreation, but you must always fly safely.

Become a FAA certified Remote Pilot to Fly UAS Commercially

If you are (or would like to be) a UAS owner and fly a UAS to perform commercial operations learn more about obtaining a Remote Pilot certification to fly Drones, UAS, UAV, VAS, VS.

Commercial Remote Pilot Training Time & Cost

Interested in knowing the amount of time and cost to become an FAA certified Remote Pilot to fly UAS (drones) at Sport Aviation Center LLC? No college degree or prior experience is required.

Aircraft Registration: Unmanned Aircraft (UA)

Learn the basic steps of Aircraft Registration of Unmanned Aircraft (UA) that will assist most UA registration applicants complete registration requirements. This is an additional requirement for the UA required by the 333 exemption all commercial drones must do.

Beyond the Basics: Waivers to Certain Small UAS Operating Rules

The small UAS rule (14 CFR part 107) includes the option to apply for a certificate of waiver, which allows for a small UAS operation to deviate from certain operating rules if the FAA finds that the proposed operation can be performed safely.